We design and supervise construction projects, whether new build, refurbishments or extensions. We ensure every opportunity is exploited to provide additional benefits and we effectively identify, reduce and manage risk at every stage of a project. We also try to make the experience enjoyable for all concerned, ourselves included.

Sketches - exploring the possibilities

Sketches allow us to visualise and explore quickly. Sketching underpins everything we do from the beginning to the completion of a project. At the earliest stage of the project they facilitate discussion and allow us to communicate complex ideas quickly and accurately. They allow us to follow a line of thought and prompt new directions. They are quick, flexible and incredibly powerful, whether we’re looking at site layouts, plans, materials or detailed components.

Reports - sharing ideas and recording decisions

Written and illustrated reports are used to communicate proposals and record decisions throughout the life of a project. Our feasibility reports investigate the basic parameters of development including planning policy, site constraints, the suitability of existing buildings to support change and first ideas for project strategy. They would typically include basic advice on cost and the necessity to involve other professionals, depending on the scale of the project.

Scale drawings - ensuring precision

Scale drawings grow from sketches and transform ideas into a blueprint for reality. They ensure components work together, that everything fits and they allow us to collaborate with other professionals. Ultimately the scale drawings are essential in securing planning permission and building regulation approval, allowing us to produce, co-ordinate and share information efficiently and effectively.

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